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" The Kolya will astonish you and bring joy to your guests."

Le Kolya

And for those who want to have a dinner, remember the table of Manos Premier, the restaurant Kolya, located a hundred meters.

On the terrace opening onto the gardens and a fountain or in a warm and cozy atmosphere with dull velvets and mirrors, the Kolya offers a delicious and sophisticated cuisine inspired by French and Belgian traditions with mediterranean flavours.


The international clientele mingles with their hosts from Brussels, who love to dine here regularly after an afternoon’s shopping (we are a stone’s throw from the designers and galleries) or after a day of meetings in the capital, in order to sample the pleasures of the countryside in the middle of town, birdsong and the lapping of the fountain, ever since


the good old days or the majestic glass canopy, which allows glimpses of centuries-old trees.

Come the evening, a cosy atmosphere descends and it is by the light of stars and candles that you can embrace the soul of the Kolya.


Whether for a business meal, a private reception, a dinner for friends, the Kolya will astonish you and bring joy to your guests.

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